New Music Friday: March

March had its moments. Musically we saw so many different things. Maren Morris had a number one album on iTunes for about a week. Dido had a successful return (overseas). Somehow the Jonas Brothers delivered a chart-topping single. Ariana Grande continues to sell albums in mass quantities even though it’s an unoriginal batch of songs….

Thoughts: We should all be listening to Sigrid.

Recently at a brunch, a friend and I were discussing Sigrid and somehow the topic took a turn when he compared her to Carly Rae Jepsen. He said that Sigrid was a talented artist who will be adopted by the gays and become an underground critical sensation akin to a cult classic (just like Carly)….

Songs of 2018

It’s crazy to look back on the year and try to even pinpoint a certain set of the “best songs” of 2018. Many songs are on this listen because they’re meaningful to me. Many songs are on this list because they’re expertly produced and vocally executed. Not all of the songs I picked were singles,…


NMF! It’s Friday! A great day for multiple reasons and though the world is raining down with bad news, artists are releasing good tunes to keep us emotionally intact for another week. Let’s get to it. Mariah – With You No this isn’t a cover of Jessica Simpson’s biggest hit, With You (though that would…