New Music Friday: May 2019

May really treated us right. It’s like the ladies knew Pride month was coming and they wanted us to have the jams to embrace at every party. Let’s dive into some of the major moments music had for us this month.

Miley Cyrus – Mother’s Daughter

Easily the best song on the EP, Miley starts SHE IS COMING off with a statement. Once again stepping into the realm of Hip-Hop and R&B after having an introspective moment of country-whatever-realness. I do truly believe she believes in the music she’s creating and I think the backlash regarding cultural appropriation truly struck a cord with her. Clearly it didn’t stick as she’s back tapping into that formula, and dare I say convincingly and successfully. If she appreciates it and it’s done well, I’ve got to back it.

Katy Perry – Never Really Over

I thought Katy was going to take a break after the rudely underrated and overlooked Witness; however, she’s back with a massive pop tune. Similar to Roar, she borrows from another lesser known pop princess to form the bones and sound of Never Really Over. This time she borrows one of my favorites, Dagny. Love You Like That is sampled throughout this song and is the bones of its structure. The song isn’t truly immediate, but after a few listens it turns into the pop tune you needed it to be (especially after Taylor’s complete miss). I will say, Dagny’s original verion is MUCH stronger.

Kiana Lede – Can I

Merging hip-hop and R&B sensibilities, Kiana delivers a vocally hypnotic song that just sounds too good to ignore. Her voice is very similar to Ariana’s but she enunciates. Frankly, I believe that Can I is a Boo’d Up that’s much more radio friendly. Sampling Cardi B’s I Do is a smart move too, as Cardi has been embraced so well by radio stations and streamers alike.

Freya Ridings – Castles

It’s a little Florence, but it’s still very striking and singular in a sense. Sounds a little bit like No Roots by Alice Merton and Pompeii by Bastille, but it is different enough to stand alone. The compelling bridge and chorus, the otherworldly vocals and the instrumentation make Castles a complete success. Can’t wait to see what else comes with this debut album. Lyrically, the song is insanely inspiring. “I’m gonna build castles with the rebel of your love. I’m gonna be more than you ever thought I was!” The moment when the music stops, and the handclaps come in, you now this song is a tune you can’t ignore. You immediately fall in love.

Cheryl – Let You

Cheryl truly released the banger of the month. After the lackluster success of Love Made Me Do It (which I still enjoy), I was worried about where she would go next and how her new music would fare. Well, Cheryl pulled through. She’s released one of the best songs of her career. I believe in all of it: the music video, the production, the vocal stylings (which I believe she can pull off 100% live) and the single artwork. Is Cheryl really back? Is it time for the album now? Please say YES, Cheryl!

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