A Discovery: Louise

I meant to bring this up in late March, but really, how did I live the past 20 years missing out on Louise Redknapp (professionally known as Louise). I also wonder how much amazing pop music I’ve missed out on. Before I dive into that rabbit-hole though, let’s get acquainted with Louise.

The basics: Louise was born and raised in London and eventually studied at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. She rose to fame after meeting a music producer at a club in London at the young age of 16. This music producer was creating a girl group. This girl group would become the multiplatinum selling Eternal, of which Louise would be a member of. Eternal became the first girl group to sell over a million copies of an album in England. Though only being formed in 1992 and releasing their debut album in 1993, Louise left the group in 1995 to pursue her solo career.


We’ve heard this in story before. Girl group forms, becomes successful, member leaves and attempts solo career. Will she succeed?

Louise did. Call her the OG Camila Cabello without all the drama. Since 1996 Louise has released two platinum albums, a third one that was certified silver in the UK (the album was called Elbow Beach – WHAT A TITLE). Louise has released a total of 12 top twenty UK hits, 8 of them reaching the top ten. She’s also released a greatest hits collection that was certified gold in the UK as well.

For those of you who don’t know:

  • Silver: 60k in sales
  • Gold: 100k in sales
  • Platinum: 300k in sales

Meaning that in the UK alone, she’s sold over 800k albums. If you factor in singles, you could say she’s sold over a million copies in the UK alone.

Louise has released some stellar singles.  A personal favorite of mine is 2 Faced, a savage “f**k you” of a bop to hypocrites that truly aren’t your friends. Naked, her third solo single, which I believe truly set the success in proper motion is another triumph.

After a decade of personal solo success, in 2003 Louise took a break to raise her children and unfortunately (or fortunately, it’s 2019 after all) became divorced. Throughout the 15-year absence, she did revisit the TV circuit, competed in Strictly Come Dancing and has been teasing new solo material since 2017.

Heavy Love, her fourth album, is FINALLY due in October of 2019. After 15 years of silence (her last single was 2003’s Pandora’s Kiss) Louise came back swinging with the release of Stretch in March of 2019. Don’t be fooled by the song’s title though, Stretch is more than just about the physical nature of relationships. You’ve truly got to work her mind in order to deserve her attention.

The song is a bit Kylie-esque, but there’s something beyond the surface that makes it Louise enough to succeed in her own lane. I mean, she did release an album titled Elbow Beach – she’s in her own lane. The music video is also a visual treat. Stretch deserves to be a top ten smash.

This past Friday, Louise released Small Talk, the second offering off Heavy Love. Small Talk is an intelligent take on the ending of a relationship. The bridge is hypnotic: “same friends, same city, same end, same party, same drinks, same bar, but we never felt so far apart.” The chorus is also a hard-hitter: “we used to dream big, but now it’s just small talk”. The song is essentially a coming of terms regarding the fire between two people fading out. Heartbreak has never sounded so enticingly satisfying on a track before.

As a new fan, I’m super excited about Heavy Love. I hope it’s successful. So far, I think it will be. I was worried about how she could create something that is cohesive with a song like Stretch, but Small Talk was the perfect follow-up and gives me hope that she truly understands how to make the album cohesive, yet compelling.

Louise, it was nice to finally meet you. I’ll definitely stick around to see what’s next.

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