I love a good playlist. I’ll usually create one when I want to encapsulate a mood (gym, night-out), relive a moment (concert, etc.), or when I need inspiration. I was recently in Paris and listened to this mix whilst in my room prepping to leave in the morning, or prior to going out for a late dinner or drink in the evening. It was a wonderful week there in the city of lights and something I truly loved was walking around, listening to the sounds of the city and even running into some music that is Parisian and instantly needed to be added to the Paris playlist I’ve created.

To set the mood, I began this playlist with the Last Tango in Paris (Suite, Part 2) by Gato Barbieri. Interestingly enough, I know this song because it was featured in Eat Pray Love, one of the worst movies made to interpret one of the best books ever written (I know – I’m aware of my faults). The accordion and jarringly hypnotic strings launch you directly into a Parian narrative.

Next is Le Belle et Le Bat Boy by French rapper MC Solaar. Made famous to Americans by Sex and the City’s last episode, An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux) this song has somewhat become an iconic Paris moment. Can’t Speak French by Girls Aloud is a classic tune every pop fan loves. Funny thing is, I can’t speak French, so I just played this in my head while roaming the streets along with asking “parlez vous anglais?”

Not to bore the details out of you by walking through every song, but I will mention a few more.

Drama by NoMBe – heard this at Ron Dorf while shopping and completely and instantly fell in love with this mesmerizing beat.

Paris by Sabrina Carpenter – I was 100% sleeping on her and subsequently this song. It’s hypnotic and sultry… just like Paris.

Boy in Paris by Diana Vickers – Diana Vicker’s sophomore album, Music to Make Boys Cry, will remain the most criminally underrated album in the history of music. Boy in Paris is a great example of why it should have received more attention.

Paris is a mood. Paris is sultry. Paris is hypnotic. Paris is lustful. Paris is a pulse. This whole playlist reminds me of the trip, but also directly transports me there the minute play is pressed.

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