New Music Friday: April 2019

April was an interesting time for music. Taylor teased us with pastels all month long and then released ME! Featuring the guy from Panic at the Disco. Bananarama returned and delivered an album full of nostalgic pop songs, including the never-released MKS (formerly known as Sugababes) gem Love in Stereo. Carly Rae Jepsen delivered the first single off Dedicated, her ne album. So essentially, a pop music lover’s dream… but some results left a lot to desire. Let’s revisit the best.

Madonna – Medellin featuring Maluma

Madonna released the first single off her upcoming concept album Madame X. I haven’t been a huge fan of Madonna’s recent albums, however, this songs like a return to form of sorts. Not seeking pop chart gold, just delivering quality pop music. Maluma, Shakira’s consistent partner in hit after hit, is a nice addition considering the song is called Medellin.

Bananarama – Love in Stereo

I’ve loved this song since MKS released it but didn’t release it. I was waiting for a proper version to pop up on the internet and satiate my pop desires. This song is essentially timeless, as it was set to be released in 2013/14 and never was. The WOO’s! are my favorite bit, along with the rest of the song. Frankly, I don’t understand why this wasn’t the first single. It’s a pop gem.

Tulisa – Daddy

I know, judge my taste if you must, but this song is a sonic journey. It’s hypnotic. I’m actually quite shocked she could deliver such a strong single. Daddy doesn’t chanlleneg her range and doesn’t encourage Tulisa to take herself too seriously. Will it be a hit, who knows? But I support it.

The Veronicas – Think of Me

I love the Veronicas. I think their output has always been consistently engaging and legitimately great. Think of Me is another solid single by the sisters and hopefully this means a new album is coming. Their three albums have been pop masterpieces, and it’s time we get another delivery.

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