Turning 10: When Love Takes Over

The weekend. What a great time to celebrate a song that’s turning 10. A song that defines its significance the second the first escalating notes sound. Instantly recognizable. A song that lifts the spirit of any room that has its speakers blaring the sounds of 2009. When Love Takes Over, David Guetta’s extremely successful venture with the immensely talented Kelly Rowland, was released as the first single off his 2009 album, One Love, in April of 2009. When Love Takes Over was a massive success, and to this day remains a song with a huge and emotional impact.

When Love Takes Over’s conception itself sounds like an emotional relationship that is burgeoning. Kelly heard David play the instrumental at a DJ set she was attending. She was immediately called to it and convinced Guetta to write lyrics and record vocals for the song. WLTO was co-written with Nervo, Frédéric Riesterer, and David and Kelly. What’s even more impressive about the song is that both artists have said their work on this song inspired them to explore different musical paths. Kelly ventured into house and dance-oriented songs for her 2011 album, Here I Am, and David explored more urban-sounding musings after this song was created.

The song topped so many European charts. Of course, in America it only reached number 76 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart (when will we ever stop turning our backs on amazing music?). The song went to number one in the UK, Belgium, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Romania and Slovakia (the Euros have great taste).

The song has left a lasting legacy and has been covered multiple times by many talented artists. My favorite versions include Pixie Lott’s and The Saturdays’; however, no version will ever truly over shadow the original, for it still remains emotionally and instantly impactful.

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