A Discovery: Louise

Honestly, I didn’t know Louise Elizabeth Redknapp, known professionally as Louise, and I am beyond upset that it took this long for me to know her talent. These are some other things I didn’t know about Louise:

  • I didn’t know that Louise was a member of Eternal, a R&B group that debuted in ’93 in the UK.
  • I didn’t know that she was only present as a member in the group for their debut album, Always & Forever. It sold over 4 million copies worldwide.
  • I didn’t know that Louise ventured out in ’95, two years after their debut, on the quest of becoming a successful solo career.
  • I didn’t know that she did achieve that goal after amassing 12 UK top-20 hits, 9 of those being top-10.
  • I didn’t know that she has sold over 5 million records in the UK and 15 million worldwide.

I am very glad I now know Louise.


Since ’96, she’s released three albums, Naked, Woman in Me, and the outrageously yet amazingly titled album Elbow Beach. Since 2000 Louise has been relatively quiet while she focused on her marriage and family.

In 2016 Louise made a comeback into the spotlight as she appeared and competed on the UK’s version of Dancing With the Stars, Strictly Come Dancing. She reached the finals. In 2017 Louise started some hype, posting a picture of herself in the studio and then sold-out a show titled Live & Intimate in less than 5 minutes. In 2018 Warner/Chappell UK announced that they had signed Louise and that she would be releasing new music that year. Cut to 2019, her first single Stretch was released, with an announcement of the album, Heavy Love following shortly after.


All this information is really part of understanding why I am obsessed with Stretch, but worried about the rest of the album. Stretch, the first single, is extremely catchy, well-produced, slick and sexy. I wonder what the rest of the album will sound like. I worry because I want the album to be just as good as Stretch. I want her to succeed.

I’ve gone deep into her discography and love songs like Naked, Arms Around the World and 2 Faced. It’ll be very interesting to see where Heavy Love takes Louise and I hope you discover her and appreciate her talents as much as I have come to appreciate them.

Heavy Love will be released in October of 2019. I will be waiting with bated breath.

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