New Music Friday: March

March had its moments. Musically we saw so many different things. Maren Morris had a number one album on iTunes for about a week. Dido had a successful return (overseas). Somehow the Jonas Brothers delivered a chart-topping single. Ariana Grande continues to sell albums in mass quantities even though it’s an unoriginal batch of songs. Let’s look back at the month and explore some peaks.

Sigrid – Mine Right Now

I’m a fan of sigrids. Though she’s not coming to Chicago on her North American tour, I cannot overlook how amazing her album is. It’s a fantastic pop journey. Mine Right Now is another example of her brand of optimistic/anxiety-ridden pop.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Music Gets the Best of Me (Orchestral Version)

I’ve always been a SEB stan. She released an orchestral album akin to Kylie’s orchesrtral greatest hits album. It’s very well done. MGTBOF has always been on of my faovrites by Ms. Bextor. This is a fantastic rendition. Truly, listen to the whole album. It’s quite amazing how each songs translates so well.

Clara Mae – Lost

This song is a bop. You don’t see it coming and then it hits you. Check out her EPs. This song cannot go unheard though, you must SHARE!

Emeli Sande – Sparrow

Yes, I am partial to anything Emeli Sande releases. As one of my favorite artists (ever), Emeli rarely does me wrong. She hasn’t, now that I think of it. Even when she doesn’t “deliver” it doesn’t let me down. I appreciate her. Sparrow is an uplfiitng moment. She said she wrote it and produced it to sound like a euphoric moment.

The Veronicas – Think of Me

After a few false starts, the impeccable and additive In My Blood, and the trop-house infused lovelorn On Your Side, The Veronicas are back with what is said to be the true first-single off their next album. Think of Me reminds me of a song that is subtly 80’s in its roots, but very modern as well. The lyrics are jolting and pique my interest, is there some sort of emotional abuse and manipulation being insinuated? The chorus is very catchy and jolting as well “the way I give you head” will forever be a statement that will take on a different meaning and sound. This is The Veronicas’ single we needed. Welcome back, ladies!

Ciara – Thinkin Bout You

I have always been a Cici fan and I think she finally delivered a song that can be multi-format, remain in her vein of sultry R&B, and bring renewed interest in her music. Frankly, the song is a dizzying pop success. The loop the lyrics are built on and the longing nature of the lyrics make this a fun and enthusiastic affair. Though Level Up, Dose, Freak Me and Greatest Love have all been hailed as critical successes, no song has stuck on radio. Thinkin Bout You can be that song. It deserves to be that song. Yes it’s a little Janelle Monae, but it’s still Ciara in so many ways.

Kiana Lede – EX

The song has been around since 2018 when she released her EP Selfless. The song EX was a standout and it has received a fresh remix with French Montana. EX stands out within the EP because it sounds different when compared to the other songs. It doesn’t follow the subtle trap-infused sounds of the other tracks. The track also delivers a simple but meaningful message: “I don’t wanna be your EX, we’re too good about friends”.

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