Didn’t Deserve It: Rachel Platten – Perfect For You

Rachel Platten could be cast aside as a one hit wonder. After all, Fight Song was a massive single that took the world by storm. It was used in political campaigns (Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Bid), as an anthem of survival, and was thought to be a difficult song to follow-up.


Rachel herself explained that it was a daunting task in the Podcast Song Exploder. She discussed being afraid of the backlash she would receive if she were to ever create a song that served as an anthem again. She recounted the backlash she received for allowing Hillary to use the song as a statement for her political campaign. “People told me I ruined the song for them, I took away its special meaning.” The backlash hurt, and she thought she would never create a song from that vein again.

She started working on her follow-up and released her sophomore major label record, Waves, in the summer of 2018. Within the track list lies the opener, Perfect For You. We don’t deserve it.

The album as a whole shows Rachel adopting a radio-friend, trendier vibe, but something about the album as a whole pops. Something about Perfect For You rings as single material. Perfect For You was a song we didn’t deserve because we didn’t pay proper attention.

Engaging her lover to see both sides of the coin, Rachel goes tit-for-tat, but seals the deal by stating that she can’t be “perfect for [her partner].”

I’m wild and jealous, insane.

I’m scared but I don’t run away (you do) 

Yeah to me it is a big deal

So don’t come at me like that. 

I’m done jumpin through hoops

There’s too much time I’ve wasted on chasin’, now face it

I cannot be perfect for you

Produced by Chantry Johnson, The Wiild and Mitch Allan, co-written with Rachel, the song is an encouraging way to begin the album. An anthem of sorts, Perfect For You is a feisty and honest view at a relationship, while upholding one’s worth amidst personal flaws.

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