A very important Mariah moment…

Team – I see Mariah Carey live for the first time EVER tomorrow (March 19, 2019) in Chicago. I’m 32 and have been a fan since ’93; therefore, this has been 27 years in there making. It’s cute, people KNOW I’m excited because they KNOW I’m a Lamb. Specifically speaking, I have been a Lamb since 1993 when Hero was released as a single. I loved Glitter before #JusticeForGlitter was a thing. I could go on, so I just created a list of questions an interviewer would ask me if I were a Lamb with some clout. Enjoy!

Favorite Mariah song:

Anytime You Need a Friend. This 1994 single, the fourth off Music Box, was written by Mariah and her long-time collaborator Walter Afanasieff. The music video featured Mariah’s first image make-over, as it was the first time she had straight hair as opposed to her natural curls. Somehow, the single only peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Charts in the US. It was Mariah’s first top ten miss, though it did reach the top ten in the UK. I still haven’t forgiven America.

Favorite Mariah non-single:

This is hard. She has a lot of good songs that weren’t singles within her discography. If I had to choose, I’d choose two: Migrate (ft. TI)and Dedicated (ft. Nas). Yes, these are songs found late in her discography; however, I feel like these two songs show her ability to effortlessly place her stamp on production of all styles. Migrate was a missed opportunity for missed E=MC2. I don’t know what really happened during that album campaign, but I’m still not okay.

Favorite Mariah album:

Easy. This is a tie between Butterfly and Glitter. Not even kidding. Thanking the lamibily for #JusticeForGlitter. Glitter deserves to shine. Both are very different albums, but that’s what’s amazing about Mariah’s discography, there’s an album for every mood.

Favorite Number 1:


Worst Mariah Song:

I can’t truly pick one, so I picked three: I Don’t (ft. YG), You’re Mine (Eternal), Supernatural. Triumphant could’ve been better, so I kept it off the list.

Should’ve been a Number 1:

So many: Anytime You Need a Friend, Angels Cry (sans Ne-Yo), All I Want for Christmas is You, The Distance (ft. Tyga), Butterfly, Make It Happen.Can you even argue with this list?

Worst Mariah Album:

Me. I Am Mariah… the Elusive Chanteuse. Let me make this clear, the album is not bad. If Ariana released this, it would’ve gone to number one. The album is just not Mariah’s best.

What do I think of Tommy Motolla:

He’s trash.


Mariah’s latest album, the critically lauded Caution, is out now. A No No is the second single off the album. STREAM them both kids.

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