Anne Frances – A Little Bit Alexis

Why aren’t we discussing this BOP of a song?

If you live under a rock and haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek yet, I would urge you that you should do so immediately. Schitt’s Creek is wonderful Canadian sitcom that is witty, charming, and positively soothing. Amongst the talented cast and brilliant characters is the charming, aloof, and blissfully narcissistic Alexis. In her defense, she has grown over the seasons proving that self-awareness, intelligence and heart lie deep within the confines of name-brand clothes and lofty expectations.


Somehow, I stumbled across a single recently released by Anne Frances called A Little Bit Alexis.

Anne Frances, who stars on Schitt’s Creek as Alexis Rose, has delivered a massive tune. A Little Bit Alexis lies in the vain of Work Bitch, with a sense of humor; and yes, this is not an exaggeration. This song plays into the camp and into what makes Alexis, the lovable yet self-absorbed character we’ve all come to love, is.

Lyrics like “I’m expensive sushi on a huge, huge yacht”and “hide your diamonds, hide your exes… I’m a little bit Alexis”, and “everybody’s got a horse (nay)”, make this song as brilliant as it is. It’s all humor, but well done and produced.

It’s all in good fun, so enjoy. Well done.

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