New Music Monthly: February 2019

Hey team! Hope your Februarys have been as exciting as the cold month we’ve endured in the Midwest. Luckily, we’ve had lots of great music to keep us company through the long, dark and cold days. Let’s review:

Maren Morris – The Bones 

Maren is gearing up to release her sophomore album GIRL in a few weeks, and everything we’ve heard this time around is different and deeper than the first time around. It all makes sense, we’re all a little more “serious” on the second go-around, right? Well The Bones is the latest instant-grat track released off the album and it’s great. The lyrics describe a relationship going through some rough times, but standing strong due to the foundation. The analogy is on-point. The production reminds me of some of the recent production used in Carrie Underwood’s music, which is a compliment and a strength. The vocals are genuine and strong. It’s a win. Bring on the album.

LizzoCuz I Love You

Lizzo is finally on the up-and-up. The attention is finally where it should be. Lizzo is extremely talented, and has proved her talent since her first EPs. Lizzo recently announced her new album, Cuz I Love You, and released the title track as an instant-grat. The sound is a tour de force. Lizzo has amazing vocals, and they soar to dizzying heights on this track. Lizzo’s personality shines through in her music, and this continues to bring forth the addictive energy she consistently displays.

Léon You and I 

This is an album I am waited for with bated breath. Do I have a thing for Swede’s? Maybe, but it’s only because the talent is real. Her voice is hypnotic in a lustful way. The production is plush. You and I is another instant-grat track of her debut album to be released in March. The lyrics are engaging and continue to mix trends with something seemingly unique.


Still On My Mind has truly piqued me interest. I am excited about this album because every single song Dido has released has been a massive reminder of her talent, and a welcomed return. It’s all very refreshing and intellectual. Chances is a song written about a friend facing depression, and the will of that friend to move forward and fight-on. Dido somehow makes a very heavy subject into an engaging and optimistic listen. I truly hope the world listens to this album. It’s deserving.


India Arie has been one of my favorite artists since her debut in 2001 with Video and Acoustic Soul. After a lengthy wait, she’s back with a new album, Worthy. It’s a VERY good listen and one of my favorites is Rollercoaster. Rollercoaster is a definite observation about the mainstream culture, race, politics, and the current social climate. It’s not preachy, it’s on-point. It truly presents weighty-topics in a light way, but still calls your attention. Glad she’s back.

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