Turning 10: Dido – Quiet Times

In lieu of Dido’s upcoming album, Still On My Mind, and my current series, Turning Ten, I thought I’d focus on one of my favorite songs by Dido, Quiet Times. Released on February 14thof 2009, Quiet Times was the second single off Dido’s third album Safe Trip Home.

After two astonishingly successful album campaigns, for both No Angel and Life For Rent, Dido faced a personal battle that became a theme for Safe Trip Home, her father had passed. Released to lukewarm critical reviews and success, Safe Trip Home became a true fan-favorite, and a very personal journey for Dido.


Quiet Times has been considered an album highlight. A simple song created by both Dido and her brother Rollo Armstrong. ‘We both came from an electronic background, but I wanted everything to be hand played this time,” Dido stated in an interview with The Daily Mail while discussing the album. The song is deeply haunting and details a relationship that is both on the mend, but on the end.

Quiet Times is ten years old, but remains a song that causes pause when it plays on the speakers.

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