Thoughts: Why GIRL deserves to be a huge hit.

By the time GIRL was released as the first single off her sophomore album, Maren Morris had made a name for herself. Maren had amassed 4 top 20 country radio hits, a gold-certified album, HERO, and a massive mainstream pop single with ZEDD called The Middle. Maren had also won a Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance for My Church, her debut single. Aside from the Grammy, she had also won an ACM and a CMA, both huge country music honors.

Three years after her career catapulted to the dizzying heights of success, Maren now faces her second album. To rise to that battle, she released GIRL, the title-track, as the first single off her second album, GIRL.


So, why does GIRL deserve to be a huge hit? It lies in the lyricism.

GIRL discusses something that not many people discuss, insecurity. The song starts with the brutally honest and thought-provoking opening line, “man this shit’s unflattering, all up in my head again”, and that is why the song should win. The song dives into the comparisons we place on ourselves when we see others. GIRL begs the listener to stop the crying, reassuring the listening that it’s going to be okay. GIRL also reaffirms the fact that feeling this way isn’t natural, though, we’ve come to think it may be.

The song is reaffirming but avoids being preachy because it embraces the feelings of insecurity and sadness that self-doubt can pull you into.

Hero was a brilliant album; however, I hope that GIRL taps into the fire that Maren clearly has inside her. GIRL is already meeting that hope by being honest, refreshing and insightful. The song is currently entering the top 20 of country music radio, and hopefully it continues that climb.

I’m not sure that country music can swallow its pride and let a woman speak; however, it’s time they start listening and letting women into the top tiers of those country music radio charts. Maren is the voice the newer generation of country needs. It’s high-time country music stop embracing songs that meet the normal social constructs of yester-year. Maren is successful enough and is seemingly brave enough to step up to the plate. Now it’s out time to ensure she delivers by streaming and supporting her music.

GIRL helped me today. I see these beautiful white boys at the gym, and out in my neighborhood and I feel lesser then. I feel uglier, I feel invisible. This song played while my Apple Music was on shuffle, and my energy changed. It was the fire I needed. It was the truth I needed to swallow. It’s unflattering to feel that way, and I was in my head. I need to realize that there’s enough to go around… but sometimes it’s difficult in a world where you do feel invisible.

GIRL is a song many people need on days like I experienced today. GIRL is the song country radio needs. Frankly, it’s the song we all need. Thank you, Maren.



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