Thoughts: We should all be listening to Sigrid.

Recently at a brunch, a friend and I were discussing Sigrid and somehow the topic took a turn when he compared her to Carly Rae Jepsen. He said that Sigrid was a talented artist who will be adopted by the gays and become an underground critical sensation akin to a cult classic (just like Carly). I couldn’t agree at the moment because technically she hasn’t had a Call Me Maybe moment; but I could only hope that if the world continues to ignore her she can cultivate some sort of cult-like fanbase that will grant her the funds and ability to release high quality pop music.


A little about Sigrid: Sigrid Solbakk Raabe is a 22-year-old Norwegian woman who credits the likes of Adele, Joni Mitchel and Neil Young as inspirations for her musical passion. Having had a knack for music since a young age (she formed a band with her brother named after their dead cat), Sigrid got her big break in Norway with her debut single, Sun. All of this happened in 2013 when she was only 16.

Fast-forward to 2016 when she was picked up by Island Records and released her international breakthrough Don’t Kill My Vibe in 2017.  Don’t Kill My Vibe jumped started her career and the song sold like hot-cakes in Europe. Coupled with the European success, the buzz in the US and the critical lauding, Sigrid has been marked as one to watch.

Since 2017 Sigrid has been releasing should-be-massive hit after should-be-massive hit. The likes of Plot Twist, Strangers, Raw and High Five stem from the multiple EPs she’s released. High Five continues to be on constant rotation on my Apple Music playlists because the song just reminds me of celebrity or even success within a career, and how dangerous it could be if you surround yourself with “yes” people that don’t allow for personal growth and inquisition. The song is a soaring bemouth of a tune that deserved to reach the heights of the charts.

The lead single and title track off her debut album, Sucker Punch, is another perfect example of her power as a songwriter and performer. The song perfectly encapsulates the feeling of falling for someone and feeling that instant connection. Since its release, Sucker Punch has peaked at No. 12 in Norway. Not much noise on the charts anywhere else – but the reviews have been consistently stellar.

Sigrid’s has been releasing tracks off the album and of note is the recently released Don’t Feel Like Crying. This is another tune that makes you feel the quintessential feelings of a breakup and avoiding falling into the depths of it all. “It hasn’t hit me yet, and I know if I go home I’m gonna get upset” she sings over a joyful production. The song is about the tragedy of love but uplifts you at the same time. That’s the thing about Sigrid. I believe in what she’s selling, and I feel she does too.

So here we find ourselves on the eve of the album’s release. The chart-success hasn’t been overwhelming, but the critical lauding has been present. It’s so confounding when I listen to artists like Sigrid and Dagny (both Norwegian) who deliver the goods but fall into the background while artists like Post Malone, Halsey, Maroon 5 continue to crowd the nether regions of the charts (iTunes, Billboard and BBC alike). This isn’t shade, it’s just confusion. Sigrid has massive amounts of talent and ingenuity to spare, yet the connection hasn’t been made with the masses.

It will be interesting to see where the release of her album takes her.  There’s something so endearing about her and her music. The videos depict a young woman coming into herself. She truly seems to feel what she is writing and then singing. Her music is modern and fits into the popular trends, but remains quirky enough to stand out. She deserves the success, and I think she’s been releasing consistently for years now, proving that she has much more in store.

So… what do you think… what’s next for Sigrid?

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