Turning 10: The Loving Kind

By the end of 2008 Girls Aloud were 5 albums deep into their illustrious career.

5 albums meant:

  • 5 platinum UK albums
  • 19 top 10 singles
  • 4 number 1 singles

Then came 2009. 2009 brought some good and bad. Good including one more top ten single, their first BRIT award (equivalent to Grammys in the UK) for The Promise; bad including their first single to miss the Top 10, and the end of their career (for the moment). At this moment though, we are focusing on their January 2009 release, The Loving Kind.

The second single off their final album of all-new material, Out Of Control, The Loving Kind became a fan-favorite, a Top 10 single (peak of No. 10), brought Girls Aloud fans all over the world that televised performance with that famous note brought to us all by the lovely Sarah Harding. Written by the Pet Shop Boys, Miranda Cooper, Brian Higgins and produced by long GA partners Xenomania, The Loving Kind came to completion as a synth-pop ballad with haunting vocals and lyrics, but production that fills you with the wide-eyed optimism of the dancefloor.

To this day, TLK remains one of my favorite GA singles. The fact that we have two versions (album and single) accessible on US iTunes and Spotify makes any pop-lovers dream come true. I remember first coming to know this song while living on the 41st floor of a new high-rise in Miami. The brightest condo in the world, during one of the darkest times of my life. I was in such a horrible relationship and this song made my dissonance understandable, to me. I wanted to leave but wanted to stay. I couldn’t make up my mind. When Nicola pleas“I’d do anything, sing songs that lover’s sing If I could change your mind. Am I not the loving kind?” I recall that feeling from many years ago.

Since 2009, Girls Aloud regrouped for the 10-year anniversary of their formation. They released a second(!) greatest hits album entitled TEN and then quickly announced their split on the last night of their sold-out TEN Tour; all via Twitter.

The Loving Kind has remained on rotation throughout the years. What do you think of it? If you’re a GA fan, what does this song “do” for you?

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