Albums of 2019

So, here we are 17 days deep into 2019 and I’m already looking forward to so many releases.


To say that I’ve been waiting for this album for years is an understatement. What we’ve heard so far has been compelling. Friends and Hurricanes are moody, poignant and engaging. The official first single, if is the version I’ve hear online, Give You Up is almost existential. She’s ready to face the streaming battle after a massively successful career selling albums.


Maren produced a perfect blend of pop-country, with a touch of R&B. After releasing her first single on January 17th, GIRL, the album is already shaping up to be one to take note of. Her first album, Hero, produced 4 top 20 country singles over the span of two years. The Middle was a massive pop moment for Maren. Looking forward to seeing what’s next.


There’s something hypnotic about Maggie. After a successful performance on SNL, the album and its pre-releases are finally gaining traction. The album is to be released tomorrow, January 18, 2019. The pre-releases have been met with critical praise.


I know. You may question where she fits into this list, but if you take a moment to listen and appreciate the two pre-releases, you’ll hear music that harkens back to a time where R&B was really rhythm and blues. The bass in both tracks is so heavy, so hypnotic. The vocals are strong, not limited by age or range. Akin to Toni’s Sex & Cigarettes, the album is brief, 8 tracks long. This is my first foray into Chaka’s music and so far, I am pleased to have joined, even if it’s late in the game.


Emeli is one of my favorite artists ever. Two albums and one EP in, and I feel she is still getting started. Emeli started off with a bang. She’s been successful ever since. She’s won two BRIT awards and has been critically lauded. I’m waited with bated breath. EM3 is on its way and she’s been very open about its workings on social media.


17 years after her debut album’s release, Samantha is finally working on a new album. The timing, she says, is right. The word on the street is that she’s working with MNEK, which would be sublime. Samantha had such a wonderful career ahead of her, and what happened to stop its traction, we may never know. Looking forward to this!


Of note: I would love it very much if The Saturdays got back together and recorded a banger of an album harkening back to the glitter-pop they proceeded in the early 2010’s. They say Xenomania is forming a new “girl group”. If this is so, I would be very interested to listen and see how that is launched. They’ve yet to launch a successful Florrie campaign, but perhaps the timing was off. We’ll see, 2019 is just getting started.

What are your most anticipated albums?

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