Thoughts: MC and the Elusive 19th #1

Recently, I wrote about Caution and the massive pressures the public, fans and industry insiders have always put on Mariah achieving her 19th #1 hit.

I also wrote that at this point in her career, as a legacy artist (a label I deeply despise and think is ageist) Mariah has no need in investing emotional turmoil in achieving a 19th #1 on the charts. Frankly, I believe she is doing what she needs to do: continue making quality music, staying relevant and protecting her reputation and success. 

Plot-twist… next year is the TWENTY FIFTH anniversary of Merry Christmas, her first and massively successful holiday album. Currently, All I Want For Christmas Is You, an alarmingly popular and addictively epic song is at its highest peak on the Billboard Charts, #7!


The upcoming 25th anniversary coupled with the fact that the song gets more popular each year could lead Mariah to her record-breaking 19th #1 single in 2019. With the proper push, this truly could be it: the elusive 19th #1 the Lambily has been craving.

Mariah continues to prove her worth, not only in the music industry, but in life as well. She owns her masters, a move that Taylor is now following with her new record contract. Mariah also writes, co-writes and co-produces everything she does. AIWFC has amassed MC over $60 million in royalties.

Does Mariah need the 19th #1? I dare to argue no. Would it be a cherry on-top of an amazing and continually fruitful career? Yes.    

Stream, buy and view All I Want For Christmas Is You on every single platform you know.

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