Kylie: Every Day’s Like Christmas

Though I try to be inclusive, I must admit that my favorite holiday is Christmas. Mind you, I’m as gay as all hell and am agnostic to boot; however, the music, the decor, the festiveness of it all is what keeps me coming back for more each year.

Kylie Minogue released one of the campiest but best Christmas albums of recent time. Is it all over the map, yes. It sticks to no one genre or sound. Is it cohesive, no. Is it joyous and jubilant and expertly crafted to sound like a Christmas spend in London? Yes.

Penned by Christ Martin, Mikkel Eriksen and Tor Erik Hermansen, Every Day’s Like Christmas was one of a few singles released off of her Christmas album, Kylie Christmas. The song is so poignant, so effective. It makes you long for someone but also rhapsodize in the joy that is loving someone. It’s perfect as an evening tune when sitting around with friends and partaking in the holiday cheer that is Christmas gatherings and holiday parties. It’s simple, but packs a wallop of emotional punch.

The original version is enough, but Stock Aitken Waterman got his hands on it and turned it into a Kylie moment straight from the 80s and oh does it suit it so well.

Stock Aitken Waterman’s remix brings a different life to a song that I personally feel should’ve been a massive hit across the UK when it was released as a promotional single for the album. This is a wasted moment that isn’t even available for the US to rejoice in. I want to add this to my holiday playlist. I want to dance endlessly with this version on repeat until the holidays have come and gone.

It is a necessary moment of holiday realness. Kylie’s Christmas album wasn’t the smash many hoped it would be. Fans had been waiting for years. Kylie has turned this into a Mariah moment by hosting holiday concerts every year in the UK since the album’s release.

The album and song itself have stayed in constant holiday rotation when December comes along. I do start the day after Thanksgiving because… why not rejoice? Check out the album below and tell me your favorite song!


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