Dido: Still on My Mind

Let’s break it down: it’s been 5 years since Dido’s last album, Girl Who Got Away, and her Greatest Hits album. It’s also been 15 years since Dido last went on tour.

On November 9th Dido announced her upcoming album, Still On My Mind, and also announced a word tour which will take her across Europe and the United States. She also debuted the new single, Hurricanes.


Dido continues to be a staple on my constant rotation throughout my musical journeys. She has been vital to my emotional capabilities, as I feel much through music and many of my memories from young adulthood are captured by songs off No Angel, Life for Rent and Girl Who Got Away (yes, I do like Safe Trip Home, but it did not offer much to me in the same ways as her other albums).

Hurricanes is quiet storm. This makes perfect sense when considering what she has produced in the past. Dido is not one to give into typical conventions. She’s never been after a “hit”. She’s clearly not been interested in touring, as she hasn’t done that in 15 years. I believe that Dido knows her space very well, is comfortable and is also satisfied in her scope. She does it very well, and I’ve never understood the complaints from music critics who have constantly called her music tepid and background/elevator music. The comparisons are unwarranted, being that she has also created albums at her own pace and on her own accord.

One could say that Life for Rent, the monstrously successful follow-up to her debut, No Angel, was the only point that saw her meeting the commercial needs the success No Angel saw, and the needs her label, Arista, wanted fulfilled by her talent and commercial abilities.

Hurricanes is about emotional satisfaction from a partner. The song begins quietly but then builds into a massive and emotional climax, prior to receding into a quiet fury once again. The song is tense. It is a tumultuous resonance of emotion. It is a relationship. It is a wonderful return.


Considering how happy Dido was to be freed from the constraints of a major record label (Arista/RCA) contract after her Greatest Hits album in 2013 it is interesting to see her return with such big announcements and plans. The album was solely recorded with her brother Rollo and is return to her electronica, hip hop and folk roots.

If I could, I would love to know what Dido wants to accomplish with this album. Are there sales goals, commercial success that is wanted? I would like to learn what success looks to her at this point in her career and if they align with BMG, her new label/distributor.

Still on My Mind will be released in March of 2019 with the world tour to follow. More to come.

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