Thalia – Valiente

Thalia’s Valiente is finally out. The lead up has been quite successful thus far. No Me Acuerdo became a viral hit that resulted in high chart positions and large streaming volumes. The song was eventually certified 4x platinum in the United States. Lento, the second single, also has been a viral and streaming success. Thalia was not playing around this time.


Many would say that this is a return to form for Thalia who struggled during her previous album campaigns due to “poor second-single choices”. Frankly, looking back at Amore Mio, one could say that the issues was the first single, Por Lo Que Reste de Vida, and the messy campaign management after the album’s release. I would discuss Thalia’s career as of later in greater depth, but that would take too much time, and I’d really like to focus on Valiente.

The buildup to Valiente has been quite fruitful, as each song she has released has been a winner in its own right. Aside from No Me Acuerdo and Lento, she’s released the title track Corazon Valiente, Sube y Sube, and Que Ironia. Each song has a different vibe, yet somehow it all works together. By early November, half of the album had been released and it seemed like a promising full-length was to follow.

Valiente is a confident album. At this point, I think Thalia has truly found a sound that suits her joyous personality and nature. The sound isn’t too young for her. She mixes sensual R&B/Trap-house laced numbers that burn slow burns (Tu Me Sientes Tan Bien, Ahi) which sadly are almost identical, with vibrant reggaetón-lite numbers (Lindo Pero Bruto, and many songs mentioned above). Of course, there’s a sweeping ballad, Por Amor Al Arte, which is a must on every Thalia album.


The album is a success of Latin sounds and joint ventures consisting of Thalia and many famous Latin artists (Natti Natasha, Gente de Zona, Fonseca, Ana Mena). I would note that comparing Thalia and Paulina’s latest releases, one thing I do notice is that there are so many features on each album. Over half of Valiente has features on it. Paulina’s excellent Deseo features 4 songs with features; 4 out of 11 tracks. The last six singles Shakira has released has featured Prince Royal, Nicki Jam or Maluma. I don’t mind the features, but I’m starting to wonder if what is happening in Country music is happening in the Latino market as well. Do women need to feature men on their songs in order to get them heard?

Top tracks: No Me Acuerdo, Lento, Corazon Valiente, Que Ironia, Ay Amor

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