Cheryl – Love Made Me Do It

One of my favorite UK socialites and performers, Cheryl (does she even have a last name anymore?), is back after a 4-year hiatus to partner with Liam Payne of One Direction, have a baby, Bear, and raise him. Love Made Me Do It is her return to the pop music scene after going independent and realizing a sound that makes her confident in her music. This is different from any Cheryl single we’ve ever heard. Co-written with one of my other favs, Nicola Roberts, the song fuses minimal production with int4eresting lyrics. The result leaves somewhat to be desired, as a Cheryl single is always an event. It’s a huge production. That being said, list4ening to Jessie Ware’s podcast this week, Cheryl was the guest and did say she’s more confident in her music now than she’s ever been. If this is true, and she truly loves what she’s created, then it is a success. I’m sure she’s wealthier than we’d all ever could be, so congrats on the comeback Cheryl. I’m still looking forward to the album!

Foster the People – Worst Nights

After finding massive critical and commercial success with their debut album Torches, the road has been an interesting one for Forster the People. Many bands face finding unexpected fame rather intensively, and Foster the People were one of those bands. They have however produced entertaining albums since their debut. Now in 2018 we have the new single for their upcoming album. Worst Nights harkens back to the sound that made Torches the success it was. It sounds like it could fit right into the track list of that album. Make of it what you will, but it almost sounds like a regression instead of a progression; however, wanting to remain relevant is important for any band or artist, and sometimes one must play it safe to get back into the good graces and then create what they wish. That’s the reality of the music business and the “art” musicians wish to create.

Ariana Grande – thank you, next

Though it was released last weekend, the song still remains new to me. I’ve listened to the song about 20 times and have to say it is a very engaging listen. After reading her tweets regarding Pete and saying he was thirsty, and they had vowed not to speak on their relationship, it was interesting to me that she would come out with something so blatant. The song is about her relationships. Granted, she is an artist and that’s what artists do. So why hold Pete to a different standard? He is an artist after all. The song, however, is my first true love with an Ariana song other than Into You. It’s engaging, it’s sassy, dripping with swag and attitude, but also sends a positive message – you live, and you learn. Be it good or bad, you take it and move on. Thank you, onto the next album (because sweetener was a snooze).

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