Carly Rae Jepsen: Party For one.

The hype. The gay hype machine was in full force the minute the tweet announcing the single came out. Carly Rae truly is a gay icon. After multiple interviews stating she was going to be leaning into the ABBA tendencies of pop, Carly does promise (somewhat). The first few second of the song sound like ABBA bliss. The rest of the song turns into a pop manifesto of self-love on the dancefloor. The song is a grower (at least in my honest opinion) but remains a good pop single.

Little Mix: Woman Like Me (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

I know the song came out two weeks ago, but I wasn’t ready to really dig into it yet. I needed the dust to settle. I love Little Mix. After four brilliant lead singles and interesting songs, Little Mix choose a Jess Glynne demo and a somewhat derivative song as the first single to their fifth album, the aptly titled LM5. I do have to ask, did Jess Glynne write this while listening to Side to Side by Ariana. I also have to ask if Nicki phoned the rap in. It’s all just very eerily similar to Ariana’s Side to Side. Sonically it sounds similar, down to the sound of the rap breakdown. Nevertheless, it’s still a very accessible song. I wish it didn’t end with Nicki saying “Young Money” at the end. Was that part of the contract?=

THEY: Broken (feat. Jessie Reyez)

This breezy tune could be described as hypnotic. The lyrical content is real and honest. Considering the constant conversation about mental health and relationships, this song dissects the aspects that sometimes could be heavy and raw. Well after the song is over you have the beat stuck in your head.

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