Ricki-Lee: Unbothered

She’s back! I love Ricki-Lee. She’s been an underrated gem native to Australia that has been releasing bops for years (ie: Raining Diamonds, Burn It Down, Do It Like That, Come & Get in Trouble, All We Need Is Love) but hasn’t gotten the attention she’s deserved. After a few years off to get married and re-center herself, she returns with this simple but effective kiss-off. It doesn’t do her vocals justice a ’la Not Too Late, but there’s something to be said about listening to a song that shows her Australian accent in the midst of very good vocals. I’ve listened to it a few hundred times already. I’m on board, Australian, join in… where’s the album.

Zara Larsson – Ruin My Life

Her debut album was a success. She has the talent, the album was interesting, and the beats were creative. So Good still remains one of my favorite songs to date. Ruin My Life is her return introducing her sophomore album, and she is bringing the heat. This song is such an ode to love, love that ruins lives. Her vocals are on point, the chorus is interesting, and the production is crisp. I say yes, please ruin me Zara.

Cardi B – Money

Cardi B is the definition of success. Her album got rave reviews, she’s had a string of number one hits, and her persona keeps growing. She is doing well. While the iron still remains hot, she’s gearing up to release her sophomore album. Leading it is Money. Money is classic Cardi B. An ode to her success and an ode to money, Cardi flexes her muscles and shows that she is successful.

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