Paulina Rubio: Pau Power

I still remember this moment like it was yesterday. It was the summer of 2000 and a song came on the radio that just inspired me to believe that living in 100-degree weather was worth it. This was a song that sounded like summer, was inspired by summer, and ingrained itself in your thoughts by the end of the first chorus. Y Yo Sigo Aqui was a song I searched high and low for after the first listen. I had no clue who Paulina Rubio was and had no idea of what I was getting myself into.

Paulina Rubio is something akin to Latin royalty. Her mother is a superstar in the Latin community and growing up around such a force inspired Paulina to become one herself. I would say that Paulina was at the forefront of female empowerment within the Latin community. After all, she did release Yo No Soy Esa Mujer, a glistening Latin-pop moment all about not being a woman who is ruled by the patriarchy.

Paulina has had quite the career. Her roots in the music industry stem back to a Latin-style S Club 7 where she and six other members became a pop sensation in her native Mexico and across Latin America. Paulina had her sights on world-domination and all under her name.

Throughout her career, Paulina has left a mark on the music industry by way of sun-kissed hits, changes of musicality, and a distinct voice that is drenched in swag and husk.

When deciding to write about Paulina, I couldn’t force myself to choose one album to discuss because I love too many of her songs. Frankly, Gran City Pop is probably my most favorite album due to the consistency and the obvious inspiration she portrayed throughout that record; however, there’s just so much to love about each of her albums.


I curated a playlist of songs called PAU POWER. It features the majority of her hits and some songs that I love. I remember purchasing Border Girl, her attempt at crossing over into the English market. I didn’t want to like the album because I believed she was competing with Shakira and Thalia, my first Latin-music loves. Border Girl was a good album, and the title song is a guilty pleasure of mine… reason unknown.

Paulina just released her newest album, Deseo, a blend of pop, folk and dance; which are all styles she has mastered before. The album was released as a seemingly quiet affair in most Latin markets; however, it is a solid body of work that contains quite a few gems. From the underrated first-single Mi Neuvo Vicio, to the fun-loving jam Cuanto Te Queiro. Paulina may not garner the attention she once did, yet, she is still releasing quality music… something Latin artists do even after their prime.

Paulina was always a fun-loving popstar who also enjoyed a kiss-off against a no-good man who was either treating her poorly or not valuing her as he should. Yo No Soy Esa Mujer (easily my most favorite song in her catalogue) and Ni Rosas Ni Jugetes are two great examples of empowerment and standing your ground. Her love doesn’t have a price, and her worth is her own.

Paulina is a superstar, deservedly so. Paulina has sold around 15 million records worldwide. Paulina has had 7 number one Billboard Latin hits throughout her career with plenty more within the top ten. Listen below and understand why music has no boundaries. I am certain not understanding every word or meaning behind each song will keep you from truly enjoying the melodies and vocal prowess that is Paulina Rubio.

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