Thalia: Arrasando

Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda aka Thalia is a Mexican singer, songwriter, producer, actress and entrepreneur. She is considered one of the most successful and influential Mexican artists worldwide. Musical success aside, her popular Thalia brand sold at Macy stores across the United Sates and Mexico has amassed a fortune for her. Thalia is a lifestyle brand.

I remember hearing about Entre El Mar Y Una Estrella while watching the evening gossip program on tv with my grandmother. She thought Thalia was so classy, and loved that she was on TV as Rosalinda, one of her beloved telenovelas. The music video must have just been released, as it was being featured on the news at the tail end of a segment. The song permeated my brain and the interest grew from that moment. Still one of my favorite songs to this day, this pop-ballad was so catchy, included vocals that were strong, effective, and hit many different ranges… it was my dream. I had to find out more about this album, so I went ahead and just found a way to buy it.


The album cover nearly kept me from purchasing the physical copy (mind you, there was no such thing as iTunes, Spotify or Pandora back then). The bring pink cover with Thalia’s beautiful face was too feminine for me to be purchasing. I was a man, and I thought I knew I was gay, I kept thinking that this would be a huge red-flag to my family. I bought it either way.

To this day, this album remains in my canon of go-to’s when I need to listen to a Spanish album that keeps my interest, engages my emotions and is upbeat and fun. From the first to the last song, the wide range of sound this album encapsulates is a production victory. After opening with a ballad and the album’s first single, Entre El Mar Y Una Estrella, the mood shifts in an almost jarring manner within the first four tracks. Regresa a Mi, Reencarnacion and Arrasando take you through moods of sorrow to hope and positivity. Mixing Mexican ranchero stylings with the computerized production fashionings that were prominent at the time, the album packs a punch showcasing the tour deforce that the album was crafted to be.


Arrasando also includes moments that infused R&B with pop as it begins to wind down towards the end of its track list. It’s a light and interesting affair throughout, never really losing its energy. Thalia was a major soap opera star and sang the theme song to one of her very own, Rosalinda. The last two songs are traditional Mexican stylings that blend with the rest of the albums modern production in such a wonderful way. It’s a juxtaposition that works and this is what I love about Latin albums. The ability to mix traditional sounds with modern pop trends all while being successful. It just works. Somehow the cacophony of genres and sounds in one album is allowed because it’s considered world music.

Thalia and Emilio Estefan Jr., who interestingly produced both Arrasando and Shakira’s Donde Estan Los Ladrones, craft an album that is joyful, full of depth, all while remaining a frivolous Latin-Pop listen.

I remember listening to this album using my CD player on rides to my grandmother’s house on Sundays and turning the volume up to full blast when the pop gems Menta y Canela, Regresa A Mi, and Quiero Amarte took their turns. This CD brought me so much happiness. It was the energy and the hope that filled the music that inspired me.

Arrasando sold about two million copies worldwide. Thalia successfully released 6 singles from the album. Entre El Mar Y Una Esterella was a number one hit for Thalia, while the other singles didn’t fare too well on the charts. The album was considered one of her most focused and vivacious collections in her discopgaphy when it was released in May of 2000. Personally, it still remains one of her best which is difficult to say because Thalia actually has a very strong discography.

I am still an active Thalia fan. Watching her career change throughout the years has been extremely interesting. Frankly, Arrasando isn’t even her best album; it was just my first foray into her world. I truly believe that she has gotten better throughout the years and has produced some wonderful ballads and upbeat gems that deserve their place in my personal canon, but also within the Latin Pop music scene. Her music has always been inspired by life and the joy of emotion. Thank you, Thalia.



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