Thoughts: Ricki-Lee.

Recently, I had sent my friends over at Popchops Podcast a question: “Why isn’t Ricki-Lee bigger?”

Ricki-Lee Coulter is an Australian vocal powerhouse who has been active in the recording industry as a solo artist since 2005. If you take a listen to her discography, you will understand why I have such a dubious question. Her releases have been consistently entertaining, and she produces quality singles and album tracks.


If you look at Fear & Freedom and its follow-up Dance in the Rain, you’ll see single after single of potential grandeur. Raining Diamonds (No. 19 Peak), the first single from F&F, is a surefire hit with a massive chorus and verses that serve potent lyrics. Burn it Down (No. 49 Peak), the fourth and final single from F&F, is a huge “fuck you” of a tune. Do it Like That (Beyoncé light, as many called it), On the Floor and I Feel Love are also potent songs that had the means to go a long way, but quite simply didn’t… along with the album (I blame the momentum killing single, Crazy).

The follow-up to F&F, Dance in The Rain, did not fare well. None of its singles, All We Need is Love and Happily Ever After, though good, stuck. The album faded faster than it came. We also must note that her amazing Come and Get in Trouble With Me buzz-single was nowhere to be found on the album (another question!!!! What happened?!).

Recently Ricki released a bluesy number called Not Too Late (No. 83 Peak). Frankly, the tune simply proves to us that her instrument, her voice is genuinely soulful and beautiful, and can fit into multiple genres. However, she just doesn’t dent the charts. I just don’t understand.

So why? Why can’t Ricki-Lee score a number one? Why can’t she score platinum sales? She has the voice, she has the songs… why isn’t she connecting with the audience?

UPDATE: Ricki-Lee has just announced a new single, Unbothered. The cover art is already a stunner, so I am hoping that things continue down the stunning path. Will Australia ever wake up and realize how good they have it, to have pop-stars with the vocal chops of Ricki-Lee around waiting to become huge successes? I hope so.


This is when I need you… my reading public… to listen to the playlist I’ve curated below on Spotify and provide insight.

Of note: Raining Diamonds is unavailable on all streaming services. Please refer to the video above. Dance in the Rain is not available on any US platforms.

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