It’s Friday all over again and I’ve been waiting for this Friday for quite some time. Let’s dive in:

Cher – Dancing Queen (album)

When I heard Cher was covering ABBA, I was overjoyed. I felt that she would do them justice, would make it fun, and bring these songs up to speed and to a new audience the way the A Teens did in the early 00’s. Cher does so many of these songs justice. Gimme Gimme Gimme, The Name of the Game, Winner Takes It All, SOS all sound glorious. The electro-pop mock-up of Waterloo is manic, but works. She didn’t disappoint. Do I love it… no, not all of it. Am I happy it happened, yes.

Robyn – Honey

Robyn formally introduced her new album with a track list and the title track’s release this week. Honey is a full-on dance track. After the wonderful reception upon Missing U’s release, it’s great to get another peak of the upcoming album. Honey is said to be a lush, romantic album… its title track definitely continues to whet our appetites.

Jess Glynne – 123

Jess Glynne gives us another glimpse of her sophomore album Always In Between with 123. This track is definitely different sonically for Ms. Glynne. Funkier and featuring live instrumentation, 123 is a welcomed sound that suits her just fine. The lyrics however, leave a little to be desired. 123, add it up. You plus me that’s enough … it actually doesn’t add up, Jess. Could this be her first misfire? Hopefully it’s her only misfire, as frankly, she’s been consistent since her first release. *Even for a misfire, this is good.*

The Knocks – Brazilian Soul (ft. Sofi Tucker)

I love the Knocks. I recently wrote about them and how magically well-crafter their material is. They’ve just released their new album, New York Narcotic, the follow-up to their debut album 55. New York Narcotic is a blend of stellar production that features both pop, R&B and hip-hop sensibilities. These guys truly know what they’re doing. Brazilian Soul is another example of their successful production craft. It takes you to a place… in this case, Brazil. Take a trip and listen below. Well done boys.

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