Mariah’s back (again).

Mariah deserves this. She deserves to slay with a vengeance. I still believe that Me. I am Mariah… the Elusive Chanteuse was criminally underrated by the streaming, purchasing and general public. Critically acclaimed, sonically appealing and quite triumphant, her nuances and persona eclipsed the music, and at the end, unfortunately, the joke was on her. The album rollout was a mess. Promotional spots were difficult to watch (i.e.: NYE 2017). She was clearly on some sort of spiral and it all came to a head when she finally revealed she had been battling with Bipolar Disorder for quite some time.


2018 has been an “up” year for Mariah. She has truly reigned in the dramatics that have consistently plagued her persona, has been diligently working on creating a brand that is focused on her legacy and honoring it with what she remains producing today. After some lackluster moments (Mariah’s World, I Don’t), Mariah is planning a return. If this is any sign of the strength of that return, I would say this is a force to be reckoned with (once again).

GTFO has been released as a buzz single prior to the official rollout of her new album campaign. Sparse and melodic, the song reminds me of Mariah past (think of melodic pop hits Fantasy, Heartbreaker), but sonically very present (R&B). What differentiates the new single from the other sparse and melodic singles currently dominating airwaves is that the lyrical distinctions very much remain ahead of the pack. Mariah has always been a truly gifted writer and along with her back catalogue and this current release, she continues to prove her strengths.

You took my love for granted

You left my lost and disenchanted

bulldozed my heart as if you planned it

My prince was so unjustly handsome

The song packs a lyrical punch. Yes, I am missing the classic Mariah vocals we all have come to expect from each and every output; however, this is Mariah 2018, not Mariah 1993. I’ll take the vocals on this song over Through the Rain any day. I’ll take this over I Don’t. Hell, I’ll will gladly take this over anything that’s on the radio.

Where this song will go? Who knows. Radio is ageist and this has already been deemed as a buzz track off the new album. With a video arriving tomorrow and a Worldwide iTunes debut at #1, this could be a momentum building moment prior to the new album’s release.

Welcome back, Mariah. It’s good to see you again.

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