Neon Gold  is a New York City-based boutique record label founded in 2008 by Derek Davies and Lizzy Plapinger. We could be thankful for this amazing record label because they’ve given us the chance to experience the amazing music of bands like Marina & the Diamonds, Passion Pit, The Knocks and artists like Ellie Goulding, Icona Pop, Charli XCX and Gotye.

The Knocks recently revisited their debut single, Make It Better, and released a 2018 version in order to celebrate the label’s 10-year anniversary. What’s most interesting about listening to the track is how much they’ve changed in the 8 years they’ve been releasing music on digital platforms outside of Sound Cloud, Myspace, etc. I’ve curated a playlist of 16 songs that I feel show the amazing progression and the versatility The Knocks show as producers.


I believe the 16 songs show their ability to produce amazing pop songs, but also produce R&B/Hip-Hop and maintain their abilities to mix their production skills with mainstream sensibility.

What’s most incredible to believe tis the fact that I specifically remember Make It Better being released as a free song at Starbucks while I was in college. What’s more exciting is listening to the dominating nature of songs like Kiss the Sky, New York City, and Shades and understanding the story they are attempting to communicate. That’s artistry. I fully believe that they would buy what they were selling, and they are constructing what they truly believe is the product they want to create. What’s endearing is listening to those songs all mixed in a playlist with wistful and romantic moments like Dreaming.

The Knocks have been partners of my musical growth since my college days, but they’ve also been part of my personal life as well. Magic has always been THE SONG that defines The Knocks within my life. The song, for all intents and purposes, is magical. How cool does Gary Go sound while singing “you’re the only one who can keep me dancing”. The song personifies relationships to me… it sums it up… I want to be with the one who keeps me dancing through it all. That’s magic.

They’ve been at it for over a decade at this point and I honestly believe that they are some of the most versatile and talented DJ/Producers out there. Have they reached the level of success they want? I think that would be an interesting answer to obtain from them. I believe they are worthy of so much more success than I perceive them to have. However, maybe that’s just my perception and not the actual truth… maybe there are wildly successful within their own confines. To sum it up though, The Knocks are magic.

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