Playlist: GROOVY

What I truly enjoy about streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify is that you can curate playlists which mix and match artists and their songs to create a capsule of music. At times this capsule of music truly transport you to either a place or time, sometimes both.


Growing up in Miami I never truly enjoyed the music scene that was inhabited by DJs that curated mixes of current songs, or DJs who worked with other artists to create a song. The Miami music scene has the potential to be extremely unique because songs that may not have been huge throughout America, but popular in Europe where a “party” scene exists (Ibiza, etc.), could be popular in Miami as well. Either way, becoming an adult and having actual money has allowed me to stay along South Beach in resorts that play mixes that could only be described as European-Chill-Poolside music. It’s quite groovy, in a modern way.

Groovy is a playlist that has become a big part of my life because it takes me back to those Miami moments where I could be relaxing by the pool, soaking up the sun, and taking it all in… something rare that I get to do at home because of work, grad-school, and the city I live in (Chicago is not Miami – both a strength and weakness). I absolutely love my life in Chicago, but sometimes I need to get away, so I light some candles, raise the blinds to the night sky, open a bottle of wine, press play on the mix and just turn the music up. Sometimes I’ll lay on the floor and just soak up the sounds, sometimes I’ll be entertaining, but just need something relaxing to flow throughout the evening’s conversations. Either way, this mix is flexible in its use, but definitely reminds me of those palm trees swaying in the breeze and the heat sifting throughout the evening scenery.

Songs like Whatever I Like by Classixx, Heat by The Knocks, Game 4 U by St. Lucia, and the rest may not be instrumental, but the lyrical content, the groove, just transport you to another place.

Press play and enjoy… and more importantly, let me know what you think.

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