It’s another New Music Friday and am I glad to see it. After a few weeks of nothing inspirational, I am so relieved to listen to things that give me the feels. Let’s take a dive into the NMF tides.

Carrie Underwood: I was over Carrier after Blown Away. I felt like she knew she had a sound that worked for her, that would keep her strong on the country charts. The formula consisted of a song with a big chorus where she was able to wail away along with the big chords and walls of sounds around her. Today she released a song that is more of the same. I haven’t really been keeping up with her since Blown Away; however, Love Wins actually solicited an emotive response. I feel like we live in a world where even music makes us pick a side. Celebrities are so enraged by what is happening within the American political climate; and don’t get me wrong, it’s super important to be educated and to have values, but music was always my safe space. Celebrities are expected to speak up and when they don’t they’re on the “wrong side of history”. It’s so nice to listen to a song that seemingly takes that pressure away. The song tackles gun violence, politics and even religions… but the central message is “why the fuck are we letting this divide us all… we should be able to reach a common ground under the ideals of love… and that all types of love win. Carrie, I’m here for this; HOWEVER, Trump’s politics do lack in moral value, but more importantly that album cover lady friend… fix it. You have until September when your new album is released.

Troye Sivan: I feel like I’ll get a lot of heat about this, but I find the album to be quite boring. Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I need to be “here for this”. The album, Bloom, essentially sounds like what everyone else is putting out, but made for queer youth and young adults. I get it. Prior to him, not many singers have been so sexually vulnerable and out on record; yet, it doesn’t click. I also feel that if you need to release half an album to drum-up hype and not much ends up rolling in, it says something… The album has been met with stellar reviews, so that is great news for Troye. I wish him all the success in the world. It just doesn’t click with me, even though I’m gay and I should love him (according to the mean gays on social media).


Meghan Trainor: Your album was to come out today, but similar to Troye, when you release half an album and you don’t even create a dent on the charts, it says something. I really have enjoyed Let You Be Right, Treat Myself and No Excuses, but it hasn’t connected with listeners and other consumers. Her album will not be released in January of 2019. No official statement by Meghan has been released.

Rachel Stevens: She blew away the competition this week when this morning a chorus so massive was stuck in my head that I needed to listen to the song on repeat while I was working at my desk. Nothing Good About This Goodbye could be released today and still deserve to be a massive number one across all of Europe (America would never catch on because they couldn’t even understand why Girls Aloud or The Saturdays should’ve been huge pop moguls).

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