NMF: Jess Glynne

Does Jess Glynne even release a bad song? 

That’s all I could think of this morning as I listened to her latest release, All I Am. I couldn’t get over how she has truly accomplished creating a sound, having a distinct voice, and creating hit after hit. Whoever her production team is needs a bonus, because collectively along with Jess, they deliver bangers. 

Long story short, Jess Glynne has become a superstar over in her native England. She has recently become the first woman to have six number-one songs on the British charts (3 on her own and 4 as a featured artist). Her debut album, I Cry When I Laugh, was a success in England, charting at number one and selling over 300,000 copies. Her singles have amassed to a total of 7,000,000 copies sold. She is truly a success story.

The thing is… not one of her singles has been a dud. Her debut album was a glistening example of how upbeat pop could shy away from becoming saccharine. She successfully cultivated a sound that is truly unique to her. I can always assume that a song is Jess’ when I hear it. 


A new era is upon us and her sophomore album is finally on its way after a 3 year wait. In October, Jess will release Always In Between. The album is already on an upward trajectory. She released the first single, I’ll Be There, in May and it immediately went straight to number one on the charts and was at the top for multiple weeks. She has now released her second single, All I Am and she has delivered another quintessential Jess Glynne banger.  

Her debut album featured production from Starsmith, Jack Patterson, Steve Mac and Know Brown. Always In Between will feature production from familiar partners Starsmith and Steve Mac, and some different producers like Toby Gad (Jessie J, Leona Lewis), Mark Ralph (Jax Jones, Clean Bandit) and Julian Bunetta.

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  1. priya says:

    I love not only all her singles, but all her collabs too!! Like you said, her songs with Clean Bandit, as well as the few she’s done with Rudimental are all bangres! xx


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