I’ve been meaning to write about Jones (originally known as Cherie Jones) for a while now. I loved her debut album, New Skin, so much I purchased it in both physical and digital format (Jones: does it exist in vinyl?). The whole album has a tone of warmth that could serve you through both a dreary or sunny day. Messages of hope, love, uncertainty draped in velvety vocals and lush production make the album one that is not to be overlooked (though I believe it was tragically overlooked) and one that should be revisited often.


I was worried about what would happen to Jones after the album came and went, because let’s be honest, the music industry is volatile and frankly I don’t even know what equates to success or failure in the industry anymore. So when she started posting messages regarding upcoming Eps to be issued under the same label that released her debut, 37 Adventures, my worries were pacified. Jones did release a song called Something Bout Our Love in between the album and the Eps, and I think it was an attempt to branch into mainstream, but it seems she has since retreated back to the space she knew and does so well.

Both Eps, London and New York, have truly served great music that I would assume sound like New Skin; however, each EP has been released in an acoustic format. London was presented to us with Tenderly, released in its fully produced form. The song was included in its acoustic form on the EP. New York has one song with production, the beautiful Silver Screen, and the rest of the 4 track EP is in acoustic format.


I’ve always been a fan of acoustic ventures because if you can make a song sound good solely with the acoustic instruments, it’s definitely a good song. I learned this lesson when I bought and played Dido’s Life for Rent album on repeat until I had to purchase two newer versions. There’s a song, Mary’s in India, on the album that simply features a guitar, a box, and handclaps; truly acoustic. The song is magically, entrancing and one listen isn’t enough – you can actually listen to it and be intrigued and beguiled by its elegant, hypnotic simplicity. Jones’ two Eps feature strong songs that survive in the format in a similar way. These are two good batches of solid songs. 

I’m most excited about seeing if these two Eps, named after two cities she loves, come to fruition as fully produced album that sonically delivers. The acoustic versions already pack a lyrical and vocal punch, so I can only imagine that the songs featuring full production will only be successful.

Jones has already delivered amazing songs like Indulge, Hoops, Melt, Waterloo (such such such an amazing song) and the Eps deliver some more. She is a talent and I hope we all catch on.

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