It’s our favorite day of the week. Not only is it Friday, but it’s also new music day. In my honest and humble opinion, this week is lacking in bops. However, this week did deliver in many ways. Personally, I am a fan of Drake’s music. He just released a double album, one side Rap, the other R&B. I’m enjoying the R&B side more. Florence + the Machine delivered a cohesive and subdued album when compared to the musical flourishes and heights of previous albums. Mariah seems to come to mind today for many reasons though… let’s explore.


Drake / Emotionless: I usually read reviews prior to listening to albums. Perhaps this creates some bias that influences my perception of the album and music; however, in earnest, I love reading reviews. Emotionless was noted to be a standout on the album, not only because of the lyrical content, but also because of the Mariah Carey sample it interpolates. Emotions was one of Mariah’s early #1 hits and the use of the sample cuts the song up in an odd manner, yet, I’m all for a Mariah sample and I’m definitely here for Mariah cashing in on those number ones. Drake delivers again, and Mariah continues to reign supreme.

All Saints / Three Four: The four beautiful and talented ladies continue to tease their new album which sounds a lot like victory. Each single song they’ve blessed us with continues to outdo the last. Three Four is no exception. This electro-R&B track is soaked in soaring vocals and swag. You can break me down, turn me out, yeah I’m still here for ya. Yes, we’re here for ya.


Florence + the Machine / June: The opener of her latest album, High as Hope, sets a quiet but fulfilling tone to the album. The lyricism is alive and descriptive, and the vocals are typical Florence Welch. The album is a quiet storm, but still as pensive and intriguing as their prior outputs. 

Years & Years / All for You: I am truly excited about this album, and this pre-release single continues the momentum for this album. Each song they’ve released is a certified bop. It’s all just very good. The production does walk then line of being overproduced, however, it manages to be a fulfilling, entertaining and fun listen.  

Honorable Mention:


YourWelcome Shon / Lord+Taylor: I loved the name of the song, Lord+Taylor, and the styling of the title definitely called my attention as well (MARKETING WORKS) so I took a listen. The song kept reminding me of something… and then it all made sense. I’m not sure if it actually samples or credits this song, but there is a striking resemblance to Mariah’s You’re Mine (Eternal). Perhaps this is something to look into, I mean, make that money Mariah, but the song is an enjoyable listen.

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