Yes, I like Meghan Trainor Songs*

*multiple Meghan Trainor songs

So, yea, I fell into the hole that is the Meghan Trainor train. Frankly, I wasn’t all about that bass, and I kindly said no, thank you. I didn’t get it… but then at the Pride parade yesterday NO EXCUSES (as stylized by her team) was stuck in my head. Mind you, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to the song. After hours upon hours of what seemed like agony I finally went onto iMusic and listened to the song in its entirety. My clever husband then suggested that I watch the video of Sean Hayes dancing to it on the Ellen Show while he subbed for her… I was immediately hooked.

The thing is, I think I’m not alone when I say I almost didn’t want to like Meghan Trainor. I don’t even know why. Maybe it was because she went on a skinny-shaming spree when All About the Bass decided to take over the world. I didn’t decide to be super skinny and frankly, I actually tried to eat everything in sight for about a week before I gave up. I think the market was over-saturated by the sass of Meghan Trainor. She exceeded my one-hit wonder expectation when she followed up AATB with Lips are Movin’, Dear Future Husband and Like I’m Gonna Lose You. Her debut album, Title, was a number one success and sold over 3 million copies. She was a success.

I didn’t really pay attention to anything her second album offered us. But it was mildly successful. The first single, No, peaked at number 3 and its parent album, Thank You, sold over a million copies. Frankly, better than most. I just didn’t want to deal with it, and I guess this opens up another conversation. I feel like this is how it must feel to be Delta Goodrem and Ricki-Lee over in Australia. They produce solid tunes, but it seems like everyone is ambivalent.

Either way, I finally listened to NO EXCUSES and noticed that I loved it. Soon after I listened to the other pre-order songs off her new album Treat Myself. LET YOU BE RIGHT, CAN’T DANCE and ALL THE WAYS are just guilty pleasures. They’re short and sweet, her voice sounds like velvet over the thumping modern pop tracks. Does she pull any diva-like vocal hysterics? No. But the songs are just fun, and you know what we need right now… fun.

Meghan, I’m going to take this slow, but I think I’m warming up to you… and it’s… fun.

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