Thoughts: Musical Diversity.

The headline: “Adam Lambert, Troye Sivan, Gay Hitmakers Talk Homophobia in the Industry”

The feature image: Below


Variety Magazine published an article that they probably thought would be provoking, well-received and perhaps even groundbreaking. The music industry has been a source of contempt recently as women continue to discuss the challenges they have had within the industry that has been male-dominated. Men continue to make choices for women: their looks, their sound, the image, the package… however, #timesup. Mariah even had her own experience with the issue. Time really is up.

Being LGBTQ in the community has probably had its own evolution as well. Who can forget the incredible talent and rise to stardom that Elton John and Melissa Etheridge had. Elton was seen with woman during his rise, and Melissa came out as a lesbian in 1993 and released her successful album Yes I Am. The struggle they must have faced within the industry and their internal challenge of being famous versus being true to themselves and possibly hindering their success was probably heavy-handed and emotionally tumultuous.

Variety posted this article online and even quotes an attendee, Justin Tranter as saying, “There’s room for all LGBTQ people to succeed, not just one.” The event was the inaugural “Out to Brunch” event hosted by Milk & Honey’s (a production duo) Lucas Keller. The issue is not the subject matter, as this is pertinent; however, the real issue is the picture. The picture is the group of the attendees. All male, all white.

The LGBTQ community frankly knows no bounds in terms of gender, race or sexuality. It is all-inclusive. The image goes against the mission of the LGBTQ community.

A recent Gallup survey reports the following:

  • Male: 3.7%
  • Female: 4.4%
  • White: 3.6%
  • Black: 4.6%
  • Hispanic: 5.4%
  • Asian: 4.9%
  • Other: 6.3 %

Though the intention is there, there needs to be more diversity at this table. The LGBTQ community, myself included, is beautiful and diverse. The music industry is more than white men at a table and should include women and people from different ethnic backgrounds, as music is universal and the world is large.

Todrick Hall said it best:

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