It’s Friday June 15, 2018 and today’s a special day because Christina finally released a new album and is somewhat properly promoting it (Lotus didn’t really get much of a push). Ariana is everywhere this week (engagement, Nicki Minaj, Troye Sivan), All Saints apparently keep getting better with each release (no XTINA pun intended), and Alessia Clara is a millennial who is hyperaware of the world, refreshing indeed.


Liberation: check out my piece on Xtina here; but I heard the album. All this non-sense about missing a BOP is just that, nonsense. Christina isn’t here simply for the bops. At this point, she only puts out music she believes in and frankly, it’s also very good music. She has millions in the bank, Grammys, a legacy and a strength we all wish we could have the time to find. The album is a slow groove and passionate groove of confidence and her vocals continue to shine. Download this: Maria, Fall in Line, Sick of Sittin’, Accelerate, Right Moves. BUY IT. STREAM IT. LOVE IT. 


Ariana/Nicki/Troye: Ariana continues to take over the world prior to the release of her follow-up to Dangerous Woman. In fact, all three artists continue to bless our ears with new tunes prior to the release of each of their upcoming albums. Both Troye and Nicki have partnered with Ariana to release two separate sense bops. Which one is better? They’re both different. Ariana is talented and obviously getting bigger with each release cycle. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.


All Saints: I wasn’t woke to them prior to Red Flag, their amazing comeback album after regrouping post fall-out. They have a sound they like to achieve and they continue to not only do so, but also sonically grow along with it. They write their own stuff and the two releases prior to their new album, Testament, show their experience only makes them wiser and more interesting. Get on board America, we deserve talent like this on our airwaves. Check out: Love Lasts Forever (that chorus), Glorious (the songgggg). 

Special mention: Alessia Cara who continues to create thoughtful music we should all be interested in. How she won that Grammy still baffles me though. 

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