Rebecca Ferguson has been through it. After her expose of the music’s industry hidden abuse towards females, particularly her harrowing experience, some would think she would want to be as far away from the industry as possible. However, Rebecca did the exact opposite. Partnering with AFSHeeN to release Uncrazy, Rebecca is sending a message.

Frankly, I hadn’t been privy to this song until I looked her up on Apple Music after wanting to listen to I Hope. Being it’s her latest release, and also being a fan of Afsheen’s output, I listened to the song and was immediately taken. The song is a soft affair, but is timely considering the intensification of discussions regarding mental health. The song may not have been written for mental health awareness per say; however, I do believe it sends a poignant message about finding the balance you need to overcome the unsteadiness lack of clarity causes.


Considering what she detailed in the open letter to the music industry, it’s fitting that she release something with the message this song provides. We all have experiences that send us into imbalance, but having that “thing” that helps us weather the storm is important as all fucks.

Let’s keep the conversation going. #MeToo and #MentalHealthAwareness

Learn more about her experience and sign her petition to fight abuse within the music industry here.

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