Thoughts: Lily Allen is important.

One of my favorite albums (yes, I’ll go on record) is Lily Allen’s It’s Not Me, It’s You. Even on her debut album, Alright, Still, Lily brazenly entered the pop-music world as a fresh and honest voice with a “no-fucks-given” attitude that called out the British Parliament, the police, other public figures, and her family to boot. Lily was also never shy to bring herself to task and we see that not only on It’s Not Me, It’s You but also on her new album, No Shame.


Lily took some time between INMIT to get married and have children and then came back with a lackluster album, Sheezus. Though Hard Out Here was reminiscent of Lily’s traditional honesty turned pop-banger, the rest of the album felt undercooked, as if she was trying to remain relevant and needed to come back into the spotlight with success. No Shame sounds more like the album that should’ve followed INMIY; however, life would have had to happen at a faster pace in order to make it happen – because this album is important.

Some of her most honest and best work is on this album. Lyrics on Come On Then, Trigger Bang, Three, Everything to Feel Something, Cake. Does this album boast an immediate single that will blow up on the radio… perhaps not; however, much of this album is contagiously satisfying. I’ve listened to Come On Then multiple times in a row because it just provides such a lyrical punch but is immensely satisfying as well.

Everything to Feel Something strikes me as particularly poignant especially after a week such as the one the world has just faced. Mental health is extremely important and should be discussed on a greater world level. Many of us struggle with moments or months and years of poor mental health, and Lily touches upon her battle with it in a significant way on this song. When I listened to it for the first time, it truly touched me and made me question my acts in the past, my current need for emotional fulfillment and my actual current emotional state. Lily, timely and tender.

I’d like to take some time to point out some amazing lyrics on No Shame.

Come On Then: “Yeah, I’m a bad mother, I’m a bad wife. You saw it on the socials, you read it online. If you go on record, saying that you know me then why am I so lonely?”

Trigger Bang: “That’s why I can’t hang with the cool gang, everyone’s a trigger. Bang, bang. Bang, bang. Bang.” this single should’ve been much bigger

Three: “You can’t play with us, ’cause you’re always off on tour. One day I hope you’ll meet them.”

Everything to Feel Something: “From up and down, and down to up. Sex, alcohol and drugs. It’s a long way off amazing, but I can’t ever see it changing. I can’t tell you what I do it for. Nothing really moves me anymore. I can’t tell you what I do it for. Been doing this and I’ll do it till…”

Lily has always been an open book, and she continues to be one and taps into a very emotional time in her life. This is deeper, more mature, but extremely enjoyable because it makes you reflect, and feel… isn’t that what music was supposed to make you do anyway? Listen to No Shame below.

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