Let’s Talk D. (Part 3)

Okay – so at this point you could resolve that I do truly enjoy and am a fan of Dagny’s music. If you remember correctly, I wrote an introductory post regarding my discovery of all things Dagny. Then I wrote a follow-up post when I saw (and met) her live in Chicago. She really is fucking brilliant live.

Dagny is not only talented, she is also generous. While we continue to wait patiently for her debut album, Dagny relentlessly continues to provide us with new music… and it just keeps getting deeper, and better (XTINA reference). The two songs: That Feeling When and Used to You.

Prior to these wonderful new songs, we left off at the bright-eyed Love You Like That. That Feeling When and Used to You take us deeper into her core and explore love lost, and love faltering. It’s deep. Both songs are fresh and truly show a more mature side to the young musician.

Frankly, her label needs to allow for some proper promotion, and release an album. We do not deserve a Norwegian goddess like Dagny. She is a pop force that needs to be properly recognized and realized.

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