Jessie Ware & New York City.

New York City… you are definitely something else. Frankly, I have never been to New York City. That sentence alone elicits a reaction of atrocity. Considering I’ve traveled to Cambodia, Toronto, and Italy, most of my friends assumed I had have gone somewhere as accessible as NYC. NYC never called me though. Over the past years, multiple friends have moved there and a visit was due in order to not only maintain those friendships, but Chicago continues to be stuck in some sort of eternal winter and a break was needed.


NYC was everything I didn’t think it would be. I absolutely loved it. What was most shocking and absolutely comforting to me was the diversity. Chicago isn’t as diverse as most people think it is; in fact, I think of it as definitively segregated. In Chicago, I am one diverse person in a group of white friends. I have few diverse friends, and the team I work with at work is the most diverse group of people I know; however, I do not socialize with them outside of the facility due to constraints of my position.

Other things I learned:

  • The food in NYC was not as delicious as the food in Chicago.
  • The people aren’t as polished as I thought they would be.
  • The subway system is easy to manage if you have half a brain.
  • Traffic is just worse than horrible.

Back to Jessie Ware. New York became a trip mainly because there were friends that needed to be visited; however, Jessie Ware was also going to be in town this weekend and a conflicting concert in Chicago was the deciding factor of spending Cinco de Mayo in the Big Apple.

This is my third time seeing the amazing Jessie Ware. I’ve seen her as she’s promoted each album cycle. She is an immensely beautiful and talented woman.

After staying settled in Manhattan/Chelsea/Meat Packing for three days, Brooklyn was finally paid some attention due to the fact that the venue she was performing at was located in the midst of the borough.

Naturally, Jessie was astounding. Her vocals are otherworldly and though the majority of her songs keep her at a smooth falsetto, when she belts it, she truly shows the proper power of her voice. She sang seamlessly throughout her set, beginning with the thoughtful and beautiful, Sam, stopping to talk to the crowd about her life on tour, converse with the crowd and make connections. I will say that she is so eloquent. She truly is a British queen.


The set list was quite strong. She was promoting her current album, Glasshouse, which I believe is quite amazing. It was my favorite album released last year (2017), and continues to be one I revisit frequently. My main gripe with the set list was the blatant disregard for two amazing songs: You + I (Forever) and Finish What We Started. I was gutted that she didn’t play You + I (Forever), I could understand if she didn’t play Finish.

It was such an entertaining evening, and the encore and grand finale of Wildest Moments is always such an impactful ending.

I hope she continues to release the caliber of music she has done so over her three albums. I can only hope she promotes the music properly and also ensures that the album release occurs in a smooth fashion in order to precipitate success.

Jessie Ware: I love you. Yes I do.

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