Let’s Talk D. (Part 2)

Let’s Talk More D (Dagny, that is).

I had previously written about my discovery and the subsequent enjoyment of the Norwegian talent, Dagny. Soon after I had learned about Wearing Nothing, and Love You Like That, I dove into her Ultraviolet EP. When I was needing more of the goodness, Dagny announced her headlining US tour. I immediately purchased tickets and was intent on completing the circle.

May 1, 2018 finally came and I saw Dagny play at a Chicago venue, Subterranean. The whole process was probably an example of a cosmic reaction that brought together two worlds. Here’s a semi play-by-play:

  • After two margaritas and wonderful tacos at Big Star, we got in line. As a semi-sober person (I don’t drink because I have a slight allergy to alcohol), two margaritas induced a drunken state and once in line we discovered we were the two oldest people in the line (mind you, we’re both 31/32). It was slightly mortifying, but mainly mildly worrying but entertaining.


  • Dagny leaves the venue in a Lyft/Uber (he had both decals and I can’t support one over the other – JK, I hate uber) through the front door of the venue. First impressions: she is unassuming; shy almost. She seems so sweet and untouched by the perils of fame.


  • We get into the club and completely avoid the stage by going upstairs to get a prime spot along the banister. We have a direct view of the stage, but more importantly, we have access to a bar and the washrooms.


  • Dagny returns to the venue and I notice that we’re standing next to a door that says “Musicians Only. 21+”. I figured we had hit some sort of jackpot. Dagny walks past us heading towards the door, but I was drunk enough to say “hi!” and put my hand up so she could high-five me. She did. We were instant best friends. I explained to her that I had written a blog post. She knew me because I had tweeted her while we were in line and posted a picture of myself in a floral shirt. She “loved [my] tweets”.


  • She goes to get ready (this is an assumption, but I assume it’s correct). I walked over to the merch table and start speaking to the person manning the table. I ask if she’s Norwegian. She says yes. I ask her how long she’s been working with Dagny, she responds with “two years, but I’ve known her my whole life. She’s my sister.” I die. How could all these amazing things happen within 30 minutes.


  • The opener performs. She’s good. Her name is BAUM.


  • Dagny goes onstage and completely lights up the room. Frankly, I don’t know why Republic Records hasn’t pushed her more in the States. She’s extremely talented, super fun, and just seems so unassumingly nice. She plays through the majority of the Ultraviolet EP (except Backbeat wasn’t played). She performs LYLT, the crowd goes crazy. She plays new stuff which is all REALLY GOOD. Good in the sense that after listening to the chorus once, you know it by the second time around. CATCHY and GREAT. Someone asks her when her album is coming out. She’s working on it. I hope something new comes out soon.


  • She ends her set with Wearing Nothing and then invites the crowd on the main floor to come up and dance with her. People do. They do crazy. It’s so much fun.


  • The concert ends and who pops through the door and comes to hug me? DAGNY! She said she saw me dancing and singing along and “loved me”. She’s so sweet. It reminded me of Betty Who before she got picked up by a major label and turned into a pop-diva in training. However, Dagny is already signed to a major label… which begs the question, maybe Betty is just not as nice as she leads on?????


Dagny and I got a picture. I wanted to wait for her; however, she went to the merch table to greet more people and sign stuff. It was time for me to go home and sober up. Adulting is real hard.


Dagny, you’re great. Glad I got to see you live. Now release that album and take over the pop music scene, woman!!!!!!

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