Kylie Minogue – Golden

Kylie Minogue’s (KYLIE if you’re nasty) new album, Golden, is actually and literally brilliant. I know there’s been a lot of hoopla about her going country and Kacey doing it “right” with that one song High Horse, but Kylie didn’t mess up. It’s country-lite done right.


Is it even country? No. I would not say that these arrangements aren’t country-centric at all. There’s a song about a Shelby ’68 (a highlight in my opinion), which is pretty country. There’s acoustic guitar and some steel pedals sprinkled throughout most tracks; which is pretty country. There are cowboy boots on feet, lace dresses and sepia toned images; which is all pretty country. It’s essentially country-lite, but also pop, the glitter pop we are used to from Kylie.

The one gripe I have about the album is the way the standard version ends. Music’s Too Sad Without You is actually not the best song on the album or the best way to end the album for that matter. Why weren’t Lost Without You or Every Little Part of Me included in the standard? I think they played it smart with the standard track list because they included the most “country” songs on it and put a lot of the more pop-leaning tracks in the deluxe version.

Lost Without You is such a smash-in-waiting. “Can I be honest with you? Can I tell you the truth?” It’s an epic song from the very beginning with the spoken intro. It’s grand, it’s like a vast landscape of sound. She sounds fantastic on it, and it sounds like the biggest moment on the album. Then the middle-eight happens: “The universe was ours, and then it all disappeared. But the sky are still blue. With or without you.”  What a lyric. Guttingly beautiful.

I have personally enjoyed the two singles she’s released: Dancing and Stop Me From Falling. The video for Stop Me From Falling.

Golden is a wonderful return to form, from a woman who has experienced with generes before and has truthfully always succeeded. Golden is a success for Kylie. She’s gone number 1 in the UK and in her native Australia. Kiss Me Once, her last proper pop studio album wasn’t extremely successful for Kylie. Though it peaked at number 2 in the UK and number 1 in Australia, the album only had one proper successful single and Golden is already on pace to pass the sales of Kiss Me Once after only two weeks. Kylie seems invested and proud of this album, which makes this even more exciting as a fan.

Kylie is a pop queen, an indie queen, a country-lite queen, a disco queen, a human queen. The end.

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