Ariana Grande – Into You

In lieu of the No More Tears to Cry excitement I decided to revisit my favorite Ariana Grande song, Into You.

into you2

I’m so into you, I can hardly breathe Ariana coos as the intro continues and the wall of sound continues to climb. The chorus comes crashing in around you in seconds of pure bliss A little less conversation, and a little more touch my body, ‘Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you…

Into You was released as the second single off Ariana’s third album, Dangerous Woman. The song was produced by the incomparable king of pop production, Max Martin. In a good and just world, the song would have at least peaked within the top 3; however, it only managed to peak at number 13 in the states and 14 in the UK.

Aside from the production, the video itself made me love the song even more. The video tells such a compelling story, and gives the song a depth it didn’t heave upon first listen. First listen, it’s an instant jam; however, the video makes it even more sultry and taboo. The whole run away with the one you really love and leave other’s approval and belief of what you should really have behind… bliss.

Ariana is getting ready for cycle 4. Should she include it on the album and subsequent albums and re-release it as a single until it goes number 1? YES. ‘Cause I’m so into it, into it, into it.  

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