Delta G.

Let’s talk D… Delta Goodrem.


I remember attending an Andrea Bocelli concert in 2009 or 2010 with one of my best friends and her mother, and listening to this amazing woman singing along with him throughout most of his set. I couldn’t believe the power in her voice. The range of her voice. She was also stunningly beautiful. The whole package reminded me of diva and I went home and immediate researched her. Honestly, I couldn’t get into it. The music was dreary and a little dull. I just couldn’t do it.

Fast forward to 2012, a blog I still read to this day wrote a post about Delta Goodrem’s new single Sitting on Top of the World. I was instantly hooked. The song was joyous, bright and oddly different from everything I’ve ever heard. The music video came, and it just kept the momentum going. The song was this declaration of life and love, and the video captured it perfectly. The album, Child of the Universe, didn’t give me what I wanted (justice for Hypnotized); however, it wasn’t bad by any means.

Fast forward to 2017 and Wings hit us all in the face with brilliance and strength. Delta delivers on every live performance, and the Voice Australia is also providing her with a major platform to promote. Wings of the Wild (could your fav’s album ever be titled such a name?) delivers many eloquent and enjoyable moments (Enough, Just Call, River, Encore).

Then came 2018 and the glorious and sexy new single Think About You. It’s 100% different for Delta. It’s Selena Gomez meets vocal talent. Is it reminiscent of Revival’s hauntingly sexy odes? Yes. However, Delta also keeps it fresh by adding interesting vocal stylings. Delta has also released a piano version of the song on YouTube where she SINGS THE HELL out of the tune and just delivers it in a completely different package.

Think About You has been received either positively, or mixed. Fans of the “old Delta” need her back. It’s too sexy, too modern, “not Delta enough”. However, it’s a jam. She’s a woman. She’s embracing it. She also sounds good. The song also isn’t derivative.

Delta hasn’t broken through in the United States. She’s mainly an Aussie act that remains some sort of secret talent to them. I don’t understand why someone with her vocal talent hasn’t become a bit more famous across the world; however, the same could be said for Emeli Sande and many other true vocalists with talent that just don’t get the “success” I believe they deserve.

Either way, Delta, glad you’re back after a strong album. Glad you’re delivering something so interestingly different. I am on board, and everyone should be too.

You can purchase Delta tunes via the iTunes Store.

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