Louisa Johnson has gone and pulled a Christina Aguilera on us by releasing Yes. I am fully receptive to this, as Dirrty was truly an underrated smash, and Stripped was an exceptionally phenomenal album.

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Louisa Johnson, now billed as Louisa, won the X Factor UK in 2015. She was the youngest winner of the X Factor and is still, in 2018, only 20 years old. Her success post-X Factor has included some certified solo singles, none charting extremely well. She has had some success as a feature artist with Clean Bandit.

Her personal releases prove that she has had some trouble finding her sound. So Good has Amy Winehouse swag. Best Behaviour is a trop-house trend chaser. Now we have Yes… which truly is a magnificent ode to pop music of our yesteryear; but is blissfully sublime.

Yes was released on March 16th and instantly became noted among music critics and bloggers around the world for sonically resembling Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty. The grimy club atmosphere, the rap-star feature, the distorted production… it all sounds so familiar, but so welcomed.

My only thought is, what’s next? What is her sound? She has the vocal chops and has proven so throughout her releases since 2015; however, she has clearly jumped from sonic trend to the other. I don’t believe this is her true sound, and if it is, I hope she continues down this path; but I hope she can make it work as well as Christina did.

Update: Louisa just released the video for Yes, and let’s just say that it’s not the event I wanted, or thought, it should’ve been. I was hoping for at least one DANCE SEQUENCE! Her performance of Yes at G A Y was more interesting than this video. Give me 2:54 back please.

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