My September Song

As evidenced by my last post, September Song is my jam right now. I’ve totally fallen in love with both versions by the talented and beautiful Nadine Coyle, and the handsome and talented JP Cooper.


I’ve cumulatively listened to the song about 50 times since Friday morning. Each song has its own vibe, and both are winners. Either way, the song in general has me thinking about my “September song”. Listening to the lyrics took me to a place in my memory about my first love, my first big relationship.

Our hearts had never been broken
We were so innocent darling

Oh, to be young and innocent again… I met this man the fall of 2007 and I remember his smile like it was yesterday. I hadn’t been in a serious relationship and I don’t think I ever knew what love was before him. My heart had been broken, but it was never broken like it was by him throughout the course of our tumultuous three year “thing”.

We had the mixtape on every weekend
Had it repeating, had it repeating

Music: the eternal keeper of my memories. If I listen to a song from the past, it takes me directly to that moment in time. We had our songs, I had my playlists. I remember dropping off so many mixes at his door to surprise him, and also speaking through music when he hurt me. Looking back at it now, it was always doomed, but it was so innocent and honest (on my end) the whole time.

‘Cause if we met we’d be strangers
You and I

Frankly, I don’t think about him anymore and I don’t really care about where he is or how he’s doing (though I hope all is well). But if this proves anything, is that those who are truly musically inclined keep memories within the lyrics of their favorite songs.

Is it healthy? I don’t know, but I don’t listen to songs and start crying thinking about this man or any past relationships. If I made a mixtape of all my favorite songs now, they’d all have memories woven into their lyrics. First dances, first kisses, anger, heartbreak, excitement, friendship, happiness, euphoria, sadness, longing.

Cheers to music, our eternal journal. Cheers to September Song, a truly great song.



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