OTM: September Song

Going to be brutally honest with you JP Cooper, I didn’t know about you or September Song until Nadine tweeted earlier this week that she was releasing her cover version. Good things came from this. I downloaded September Song immediately and have been streaming it all week. I’ve sent it to my friends who enjoy good music and we all agree, it’s a full-on emotionally worthy banger. Your voice is also extremely impressive.

Last night, prior to the release of Nadine’s version, I played it full-on at home. The song just takes you on the journey and the chorus is other-worldly. It’s a fulfilling listen. You just want more. Dancing around the house to the joyous song was truly fun.

When I heard the song for the first time, I was thinking “how would Nadine’s voice fall into this song?” The middle 8 was the turning point for me. I just pictured her voice blasting through those notes and pouring her velvet tone into it.


Both versions are strong in their own right. Both are trop-house in some way. The one thing I wish Nadine’s had was some sort of choir-like moment during the chorus like JP’s does. JP’s has some backing vocals throughout the chorus that really assist in taking you on that “journey”. Nadine’s voice is definitely potent enough, don’t get me wrong, but the song is really about emotion, and I think a little bit of choir or vocal punch in that regard would just take it to another level as well. Even if it was vocal layer of her beautiful instrument itself. Immediate elevation.

Which one is better you may ask? I can’t honestly answer that. I can see myself singing and dancing along to both at home on my own. Both songs emotionally gutted me. It truly is that type of jam. Feel good/emotionally gutting. Pure harmony.

Listen to them – let me know what you think. Nadine’s or JP’s or BOTH! I choose both!


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