Diana Vickers – MTMTBC

Hypothesis:MTMTBC is England’s version of E-MO-TION.

Supporting documentation: This weekend I was feeling nostalgic as I was sitting around the house reading one of my new favorite books, The Namesake. Nostalgic for what? Not exactly sure; however, I needed to feel something and Diana Vickers‘ album came to mind because it came out at a very specific time in my life. Released in September of 2013, I was 4 months deep into a new relationship and a new life in Chicago after parting ways with Miami after a disastrous ending of two relationships. I was insecure, nervous and had serious lack of gumption.


In 2013 Diana partnered with So Recordings after parting ways with RCA, which released her debut album, the somewhat successfulSongs from the Tainted Cherry Tree. Citing creative differences and wanting to be less-commercial, Diana set out to be more adventurous and let the influence of Robyn, Madonna, Blondie and Kylie Minogue direct this album. Music to Make the Boys Cry came to us as a result of the union between Diana and So Recordings.

Diana and the blissfully talented Xenomania songwriter Miranda Cooper co-wrote every track including the title track. MTMTBC is despondently nostalgic. The sounds and vocal delivery make insecurity the main focus of the song, but then the chorus takes you to a place of strong certainty of self. The music video gives it justice, as it probably depicts exactly what the song-writers envisioned while writing the song.

Cinderella was serviced as the first official single of the album. Cinderella is the example of a perfectly serviceable and inoffensive pop song; which was the problem. The album had much more depth that Cinderella could not demonstrate. Lightning Strikes is pure idyllic pop that includes the sublime moment “hey-na-na-na-na-hey!” post-chorus.

The album is chock-full of transcendent moments including Boy in Paris, Better in French, Mad at Me, and the HUGE album closer Blame Game. Blame Game is just a massive song with a great chorus. You hear it and immediately need to dance. It’s the perfect way to end such an album full of great moments. It ends, and you immediately need more.

The album reminds me of an assuming person who seems to be quite insecure, but finds themselves and gains some gumption along the process. If the main character would be someone other than Diana, I would almost say it was Iris from the Holiday. Iris (played by Kate Winslet) is an unassumingly beautiful woman who lacks the confidence to know what’s good for her. Naturally, throughout the film, she finds it by way of life experiences and developing self-worth. I’ve always been an Iris. This album is an Iris. This album is a masterpiece of a pop album.

We miss you Diana. XO


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